Jordan Exploration Company, L.L.C.

Jordan Exploration Company, L.L.C. is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and development company, founded in 1996. Jordan has one of the strongest, most talented teams of professionals in Michigan's strong oil and gas sector. The Jordan management team has proven that it possesses the skills necessary to implement aggressive and successful programs without compromising the quality of service provided to its partners and stakeholders. Jordan currently operates over 450 oil and gas wells in Michigan.

Jordan's experience extends beyond the successes that have been enjoyed in the Antrim Shale gas, Niagaran reef and Trenton-Black River plays in Michigan. Jordan has drilled wells in North Dakota, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Indiana. Jordan's top priority is to establish a presence in economic oil and gas plays throughout the country that play to its strengths of implementation, and to provide its partners with the quality of service and low cost operations they have become accustomed to.

The Jordan management team has a history of success and a solid reputation that can be trusted to consistently deliver the highest quality, cost-effective service to its partners; Implementation and administration are what we do best. Jordan's future is in acquiring, discovering, developing and operating environmentally friendly oil and natural gas wells that will be a river of blessing for Jordan, its partners, employees, mineral owners and to the surrounding communities in the years to come.

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