Landowner Partnership

If you are a landowner who has leased with Jordan or are considering the possibility of a lease with us, you are vitally important to our efforts and we appreciate your trust.   Jordan will make it our priority to answer all of your questions and provide you with timely responses to your concerns.   Should you have a need to discuss your lease, activities on your property or the timely and proper payment of your royalties, please contact us at





How do I change my address?
Please notify our office in writing of your change of address.  Please include your old address, new address, owner number and phone number:

  • You can send it to us via email:
  • Send it by facsimile to 231-935-4450
  • Mail to 1503 Garfield Road North, Traverse City, MI 49696


Can I receive my royalties via automatic deposit?

Yes, please contact and someone will get in touch with you as to how to set up the electronic deposit of your royalty payment into a bank account.

When are royalty payments issued?
Royalty payment checks are typically issued by the 15th of each month but could be a few days later depending on weekends or holidays.  If your royalty is less than $25.00 you will not receive a check until the amount exceeds $25.00.

Why does my royalty payment vary from month to month?
Many factors contribute to your payment. Changing market conditions may cause fluctuations in commodity prices on a monthly basis, while mechanical or operational problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect production and cause downtime. Also, over time, production volumes from an individual well will experience a natural decline. So, while this may be offset with additional wells being drilled on your property, the decline in production volumes from individual wells is inevitable. Also, regulatory or contractual changes or seasonal conditions can affect the amount of your payment. If you have reason to believe an error in payment has occurred, please contact us at

When and why are royalty payments suspended?
For your protection, payments may be suspended in the event of a title dispute, assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer or sale of property, or unknown address. You can usually prevent such an inconvenience by promptly notifying us of any change regarding your interest.

What is an “owner number” and what is its purpose?
Jordan assigns each of its interest owners a unique owner number for internal identification purposes.  Please include your owner number when communicating or corresponding with us.

How do I make a change and/or transfer my interest?
Because there are many different factors and/or documents that may be required, please contact our office to discuss the details of your situation.

What should I do with a stale-dated check?
A check is considered to be stale-dated after 6 months. It is important for checks to be cashed regardless of the amount within 180 days of issue. If you find an uncashed check that is more than 180 days old, please contact our office to have the check re-issued.

When are suspended amounts considered to be unclaimed property?
An account's dormancy period varies by State from 1 to 5 years. If amounts remain suspended for the required amount of time, the funds are considered unclaimed property and must, by law, be forwarded to the State of last known address in accordance with unclaimed property regulations. To reclaim these funds, the rightful owner must contact the State and file the required paperwork.



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